Blessed by Lord Vishwakarma, the Celestial Architect, from the misty past of the Indus Valley Civilization to the present day, Indian Artisan has wrought by hand, masterpieces of Art, using every media conceivable and available to him.

India’s rich heritage is marked by the excellence of its Handicrafts and Textiles, which have left their impress not only in India, but all over the world, for well over 3000 years.

Divinely crafted Bronze and Brass icons of gods and goddesses , intricately chased and enameled Brass Marodi vases, cherubic Krishna in Tanjore gold leaf covered painting , pristine silver inlaid Bidri Aftaba goblet , realistically carved and painted wood fruits and vegetables of Sawanthawadi, the majestic Tiger of Nirmal craft, the royal Kondapalli Ambari elephant , the Nettipattam caprisioned Thrissur Rosewood Elephant, brilliantly embroidered Kutchi Jat Chalka and Toran, minutely carved serpentine stone figures of Bebadasis from Raghurajpur, the heady smell of sandalwood Krishna of Sagar , the Kashmiri chinar leaf carved walnut wood tray and innumerable such marvelous creations of the Indian craftsmen, evoke nostalgic memories in every Indian and also the visitors from abroad, who during their visits to India had purchased such memorabilia.

Handicrafts of India , singularly represent its true essence; its Religious variety, diverse Cultures, regional differences and fascinating life styles .Also the confluence of the multi faceted world art traditions, synthesizing with those of our country, has enriched the repertoire of Indian Handicrafts. �br />
In spite of changing trends, tastes and consumer profiles, Indian crafts continue to enthrall everyone.

Vishwakarma Arts Gallery is Homage to the Artisan and the Connoisseur of his creations. We, at Vishwakarma sincerely believe that the true essence and identity of this country lies in its innumerable Handicrafts, and hence they ought to be encouraged and promoted by one and all, to sustain the continuum, and carry forward this industry into the distant future.

For 25 years, Vishwakarma arts Gallery has had the privilege of serving discerning clientele, of not only our city, but also visitors from all over the world. We are thankful to our patrons for their support and kind appreciation of our efforts.

Our Team handpicks each and every art piece, by personally visiting the various crafts production centers, all over the country. There is a constant Endeavour from us to sustain this industry by not only encouraging the continuation of the traditional idiom, but also to contemporize the designs to satisfy the changing trends and life styles of the present time. By providing design inputs to the artisans, taking care not to affect the intrinsic character of the craft, new and contemporary items are produced and showcased.

Our customers are guided and informed about the nature of the product, its production process and the history of the craft by our knowledgeable staff. We also help the customer choose the right gift for any occasion required.

We also undertake to supply granite stone sculptures and Utsava vigrahas (Bronze processional idols) for temples. We also take orders for corporate, wedding and other occasion based return gifts.

The guiding spirit of Vishwakarma Arts Gallery is Late Shri Jasthi Ramaiah , who was an authority on Indian Handicrafts, having worked in various capacities, in the offices of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Govt. Of India. He retired as Director of The Design and Technical Development Center , O/o Of the DCH, Bangalore. He was a Consultant, Advisor and Resource person to many organizations like UNDP, APHDC, Crafts Council Of AP, NISIET, CCRT etc.

He was instrumental in bringing to limelight many languishing crafts, particularly the Tribal and Folk Crafts of Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Special mention should be made of popularity of the Dokra metal, wood, stone and Iron craft of Bastar, Leather puppet paintings (Tholu Bommalu) and Cherial Scroll Paintings of Andhra Pradesh, which are due to his efforts.

We at Vishwakarma Arts Gallery invite you to savor the glory of Indian Handicrafts.